• Marc Douglas

Ninety-nine days

I really dislike politics but really despise those in the current administration. I voted Republican right up until John M. chose his VP. That year I chose not to vote. Obama made me a believer. There is no question he made serious mistakes such as Syria but how nice would it be to have his integrity and honesty in Washington today?

Betrayal of our country to Russia, weakening our most trusted allies, catering to the ultra-wealthy. 85% of his tax cuts went to the very rich or to corporations. The fourth estate, the free press, is hailed as fake news. Independent researchers tally four lies a day...he is a pathological lier. Several hundred children of immigrants may never be reunited with their families. Out for personal wealth to the exclusion of everything else, it can only be hoped that the special prosecutor concludes their investigation soon.

In the meanwhile, vote in the midterms. Let your voice be heard loud and clear.

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